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Located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds, the Cedarburg Art Museum promotes historic, contemporary and local art. It has a rotating exhibition on history, a functioning ice cream parlour, changing exhibitions of local and regional art, and a permanent collection of works by local artists. The guild sponsors an annual cover art exhibition at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, whose cover is sponsored annually by the guild. Since 1859, it has offered a wide range of exhibits on the history of art and culture in Wisconsin and around the world.

ACAP members are committed to expressing their commitment to the community to which they belong. In addition, homeless and needy people receive countless hours of voluntary work from them and make an important contribution to expressing their membership of this community.

Family History Centers usually provide a comprehensive service, but FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries have access to most of the center's only databases and may not always have the full range of services that Family History Centers provide. Family History Centres usually provide comprehensive services and family-searching services to family-seeking partners.

FamilySearch affiliate libraries have access to most of the center's only databases, but they are not always available to all family members - looking for partners.

Very rustic, this 100 year old barn is set on 54 hectares of land with a large pond and beautiful countryside, and the restored barn dates back to 1870. The Christ Church Museum (circa 1862) includes a changing exhibition of bells from around the world, as well as local history and historical cemeteries dating back to 1848. This museum is located in the heart of the city, where you can visit the old church, the bell tower and even the original church building. Bells from all over the world are displayed in a restored barn, with an extensive collection of local and national bells, local history and a historic cemetery, all dating back to 1848.

Between the tall evergreen trees, there are other buildings connected to the house, such as the church, the library and the old school house.

Visit the Maple Sugar Shop to tap into maple trees and make delicious syrup from the juice. Visit the pumpkin farm in October and pick Christmas trees in winter.

West Bend exhibits include Native Americans in wigs and trading posts and a collection of Wisconsin Historical Society artifacts. Artists exhibit beautiful original works at Main Street Gallery all year round - all year round at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin - Madison's College of Arts and Sciences, so you can take art home today. Take your original creations with you, as well as a gift from one of our local artists.

Further landscapes can be found on Highway K, which serves as Rustic Road here in the town of Erin, as well as on Highway 167 and Highway 83. Follow 83 to see more cool stuff, then take the increasingly busy 83 to the EAST intersection, where you reach the end of our short 167 tour. There is no Highway 167 in total, so it is best to follow Holy Hill Road to the junction "EAST" and then follow 83 for the rest of the way.

You will need a compass to help you on your State Trunk Tour, but we will have some of them available. From the overpass of Highway 167, you can see the Wisconsin State Capitol, the Wisconsin State Museum and many other locations along the way.

The Shepherds College program uniquely integrates what is needed to enable people with intellectual disabilities to reach their full potential. Mansfield Hall serves students with learning disabilities who face challenges to obtain a college degree and enter college life without support. Services offered include tutoring, mentoring and support for students and staff, as well as a variety of educational programs. In addition, the Jonathan Clark House Ltd. has asked Concordia University for help in offering internships to students to help create a business plan for the museum.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Easter Seals and donations raised at the July Festival will benefit the Music Together program, which offers year-round clinics and events for children and adults with developmental disabilities in surrounding counties.

The people we serve have unique talents and abilities that they share with society, and therefore we make every effort to discover, cultivate and use these skills in the context of a community environment. We do this by preserving artifacts from the region and telling the stories of the past. The museum's gift shop is full of handmade gifts and we run a rotating exhibit in our restored 1850s barn.

If you're interested in the history of Ozaukee County, its people, culture and history, we have something for you. We have a store here and we have the largest collection of antiques and vintage cars in the state as well as some of the largest collections in Wisconsin.

More About Mequon

More About Mequon